The concept behind Bobthecoffeeman...

Coffee BeanI sell coffee!

Not just any coffee but a smooth, creamy, mellow blended Indian Mysore  and Honduras Arabicas which produces a satisfying flavour. I will sell coffee...........


"anywhere there is a group of people who need a cup of coffee."

This really is a versatile mobile unit, able to get into the smallest of areas to serve the very best coffee.

The Company has been in business since July 2006 and in that time the  car has appeared at many different events:

  • Markets
  • Sporting Events
  • Theatrical Shows
  • School Events
  • Christmas Markets
  • Agricultural Shows
  • Charity Events... we are always happy to support different charities at their events and shows, giving a percentage of the days takings directly to the charity.
  • Also Private Events
    • Birthdays
    • Weddings
  • Fun Days

The list of where we go and what we do is endless, just remember there is only one "Bob" and one car, so........


"the only limitation is that you book your event first!"

See the Blog page for further details, not only where the car has been, but where you may see me in the near future.

Bob The Coffee Man - The Car...